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Where is HANJAN made?

HANJAN Hangover Jelly is made in South Korea. We partner with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified laboratories, as well as wellness professionals all over the world.

Is HANJAN FDA approved?

HANJAN is FDA approved in the USA. Our products are made/stored in FDA compliant factories and warehouses as well.

Is HANJAN Hangover Jelly vegan and/or cruelty free?

HANJAN is not vegan nor cruelty free due to the presence of collagen from fish and honey from bees.

What is in the HANJAN Hangover Jelly?

Oriental Raisin

Also known as Huggae (허개) in Korea, is an Asian traditional herb that prevents hangovers and keep your liver happy


Anti-inflammatory + Fights free radicals


Nutrient rich + Supports heart health


Antioxidant superfood + Low-calorie


Natural sweetener + Rich in B-Complex vitamins

Vitamin C

Antioxidant + Supports immune system


Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen — healthy add-ons to keep you Super Like-ready!

How does HANJAN Hangover Jelly work? Does it prevent me from being drunk?

Huggae (헛개), known as “Oriental Raisin”, has long been used in traditional Korean, Chinese, and Japanese medicine to promote healthy alcohol metabolism. It also aids in natural alcohol defense.

HANJAN does not prevent intoxication. Please drink moderately and never drink while driving.

What is Huggae (헛개) or Oriental Raisin?

Oriental Raisin has been used for thousands of years for not only its traditional medical properties, but also as a natural solution to hangovers.

It is believed to contain compounds that have antihepatoxin properties—protecting the liver from damage and promoting liver health.

Oriental Raisin also has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects on the body assisting in the treatment of fevers, allergies, and infections.

Where can I purchase HANJAN?

You may purchase our products from this website and sumco.store.

For any further inquiries and faster response, you may DM us on Instagram.

How do I store my HANJAN Hangover Jelly?

It is recommended to be kept in a cool, dark place.

How can I track my orders?

Once done sending your orders, please expect an e-mail with your tracking information. In case no e-mail is received, drop us a note at hanjan@summerint.com.

Can I make changes to my shipping information?

All orders are final once they are submitted.

Do you accept refunds or exchanges?

Unfortunately, we do not accept refunds nor exchanges due to difficulty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. All sales are final for hygiene purposes.

My order is incomplete. What do I do?

Please e-mail hanjan@summerint.com and we will get back to you ASAP.