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Our mission is to fuel passion and optimize potential through health and wellness.

HANJAN is rooted in traditional Eastern herbal remedies combined with Western science, helping you feel and perform your best.

From day to night, we are here to give you holistic support anytime, anywhere. This is wellness on the go.

Our Approach

Creating The Best ProductS

A lifestyle need

It all starts with your lifestyle needs in mind — whether it’s working hard or playing hard, we believe functional products with natural herbal ingredients can have the powerful impact of making you not only feel, but also perform better.

Where Nature meets Science

We work with leading health and nutrition experts, combining both natural eastern herbal remedies with scientific research to develop formulations that are safe, healthy and effective.

Authenticity & Safety

We are fully committed to transparency and the use of quality ingredients that are free from toxins in all of our creations. We only partner with manufacturers who are certified to be fully compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Functional foods that taste great

We have innovated unique formulas that not only taste great, but are effective as well. From jellies to powders and more, we make wellness a joyful experience that integrates seamlessly with your ever changing lifestyle needs.

Packaging to cater to your lifestyle

Our product packaging is designed for convenience and mobility, catering to people on the move — never to be hidden away in cabinets no more!

Our Approach

Community Empowerment

We strive to support entrepreneurs, creators, athletes, professional gamers and musicians in their pursuit of making careers out of their passions. We champion diversity — regardless of ethnicity, gender or social class.

We know that the hustle gets hard and we want to encourage our community by holding events that support each other’s passions, giving an unrivaled experience in wellness.

Learn more about our past and upcoming events.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Creators + Music
Hanjan Oasis @ Coachella
Tube Filter x Hanjan Vidcon
Music + Web 3.0
Hanjan Reset @ Trapeze Wellness Club
Web 3.0
Hanjan Bored Ape
Champ Medici Lounge
ALMGHTY competition gear
New York
New York
Music + Web 3.0
Masterminds of Hip Hop
Champ Medici Lounge NFT NY x Steve Aoki
Grammy’s Pre-Party

Our Core Values

We want to inspire individuals to live a well balanced lifestyle that is fearless in pursuing their passions and ready to redefine the status quo. We support those who strive to live their best in mind, body and soul.
HANJAN is headquartered in Los Angeles, California but we are composed of a global team. We have representation from diverse backgrounds and believe in equal opportunity, empowering like-minded communities.

Who We are

HANJAN is headed by a global collective team of women with multicultural backgrounds that spans from Los Angeles, Seoul, Singapore, and Manila. United in their passion for wellness and the pursuit of entrepreneurship, HANJAN was born. HANJAN brings the very best of traditional Eastern herbal remedies passed down from generation to generation and is combined with Western science know-how.

At HANJAN, we know that taking care of your well-being should be more than just a checklist of responsibilities but an enjoyable journey that blends seamlessly in your active, modern day lifestyle. Our products are not only effective, but convenient and delicious as well.

Our co-founding team

Our Partner

Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Television Personality, and Fitness & Wellness Enthusiast Nicole and HANJAN crossed paths at the 2021 Coachella Music Festival and led to her involvement in HANJAN’s brand journey. Her passion for fitness, female empowerment and genuine love for the HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly Sticks allowed her to easily fulfill a seat on the team as the strategic advisory partner and investor.

No need to panic in case the HANJAN Craving hits. We’re no ordinary supplements that are meant to be hidden away in cupboards. Portable, convenient and easy on the eyes — Celebrate wellness on-the-go and take HANJAN anytime, anywhere!

Celebrate wellness on-the-go and take hanjan anytime, anywhere!

Say goodbye to midday slumps and focus with HANJAN.
Dont forget to take us before a night out.
Fun sized bites that keep you going all day long!

Which hanjan product is best for you?

the social butterfly

You’re the life of the party and you’re no stranger to happy hours, date night cocktails and fun club nights! Thing is, it’s tough to get up the next day dealing with hangovers.

The HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly gives you the best of both worlds — liver health and hangover protection. Party responsibly and power through your mornings without the hangovers!

the hit hottie

Adrenaline junkies unite! If you’re all about the high intensity life, then the HANJAN Energy Boost Powder may be just what you’re looking for. With mental focus and faster metabolism you can conquer from boardroom to spinning class!

A bit of both?

Hanjan is for everyone

created for and by individuals who simply just want to make the most of every hour of their day!

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