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Hanjan Health Club

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The HANJAN ambassador embodies a lifestyle dedicated to the active care of one’s mind, body and soul to pursue their passion. We aspire to build a community that shares inspirational experiences of individuals who work hard and play even harder. At the core of it, the perfect ambassador is someone who not only loves our brand but also wants to encourage others to live to their best potential.


Give 5%, Get 25%

Earn up to 25% commission for every product sold

Personalized Web-store

Share your store with your community. It will give them 5% off their first purchase


Opportunities to host parties with your crowd at a beautiful estate in the Hollywood Hills

Cash Bonus Payouts

Opportunities to receive extra cash bonus


Opportunities for your content to be featured on our socials

Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to the latest HANJAN product releases, promotions, merchandising and community events


Sponsorships of FREE HANJAN for your events

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Take part in a short interview so that we can get to know you more!

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Watch your sales and cash payouts grow!

Hanjan Health Club

If you have a passion project (whether it’s a wellness startup, filming your latest music video or preparing for your next competition), we would love to hear about it and see how we are able to support you through sponsorships or recognition.

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